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How a consumer products company implemented an advanced planning system using SAP BPC

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Financial budgeting and planning can be a complex task.

For many companies the complexity is compounded due to variable factors such as seasonality, weather, commodity price fluctuations and other external influences. Planning can be tricky even without these factors, but when they are introduced, sometimes the best planning processes are unable to accommodate the different scenarios and adapt to changing circumstances.

SAP BPC is a powerful tool that can be used to perform complex planning, including taking into account "what if" scenarios for variable factors.

However, many companies do not use the full power and flexibility of BPC, presumably due to lack of knowledge, or perhaps the system wasn't implemented as well as it could have been to begin with.

CONTAX specializes in helping customers develop customized planning templates to help companies step-by-step through the planning process. Reporting allows for the easy aggregation of data as well as the ability to drill down into specific data points to pinpoint specific issues or anomalies. Different "what if" scenarios can easily be analyzed by adjusting parameters, allowing for powerful and flexible data analysis.

By capturing, analyzing, and reporting on data in BPC, Finance departments can greatly enhance their ability to make timely and accurate decisions based on changes in the business or external factors.

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